9D8N Trip to China (Guilin-Zhangjiajie)

My trip to China was happened all of sudden. I even applied for the visa a week before the departing date. Can you imagine? A WEEK. But I thought, it was all thanks to God because only by His grace I finally could get away from my busy life and got some refreshments by traveling abroad. So, here goes my story.

Day 1 (SUB-HK-Shenzhen-Zhaoqing)

I took the morning flight from Surabaya to Hongkong. The flight took approx. 5 hours. After arrived at Hongkong, we immediately transferred to Shenzhen. Arrived at Shenzhen, we transferred to Chongqing and we stayed for a night there. We arrived at Zhaoqing late at night so we didn’t have any time to visit the tourist attractions. We stayed at Gao Yao Hotel.



Day 2 (Zhaoqing-Yangshuo)

We visited Star Lake Cruise, which is also located in Chongqing. Here are some pictures of Star Lake Cruise:



After that, then we left Zhaoqing for Yangshuo. On our way to Yangshuo, we passed Moon Hill (A hill that shaped like a moon). Arrived at Yangshuo, we visited Yulong River. Here are some pictures of Yulong River:



we rode this bamboo boat to cross the river

And then, I tried this traditional costume of the locals and it only costed 10 yuan


After visiting Yulong river, we watched a show and sorry I forgot what’s the name of the show, hehe.




Day 3 (Yangshuo-Guilin)

After breakfast, we left Yangshuo for Guilin and to visit Li River Cruise to cross river again hahaha. In Guilin, there are so many rivers so don’t be surprised if you almost see rivers are everywhere when you visit Guilin.


me and my mom HEHE


After that, we continued our journey by visiting Crown Cave. But to reach the cave itself, we have to ride a small ‘train’ which we must drive by ourselves. The train can only consists of 2 persons so yeah, it was terrifying at first because I was the one who drove it instead my mom because I thought it was easy to drive and I turned to be wrong. Driving is hard 😦



on our way to the Crown Cave, there were so many hills at South of China!


the train! we were getting ready!


the best picture I could get in the cave, because it was too dark and flash didn’t work well too.

After visiting the Crown Cave, we had a dinner at one of the local restaurants and I took this beautiful picture.


the scenery was just duhhhh!

Day 4 (Guilin)

Today was the last day I stayed at Guilin. I visited many places at Guilin, such as the Banyan Tree, Elephant Trunk Hill.


The Banyan Tree (The big tree behind us)


Elephant Trunk Hill


I don’t know what’s the name of this park, but it was indeed beautiful.

Later at night, I met someone. Who was that someone??











This is gonna be the most interesting story I had so far.









Who is this guy?? Chill man, he is my internet friend. Okay, so this was like the first time I met someone that I knew from the internet. So, this kind of experience was something for me HAHA. He is a year older than me and he is smart (he told me he got the first top in his class and he chose science), at first, I was unsure whether I wanted to meet him or not because, you know there are so many cyber-crimes nowadays. But, thank to my best friend, Vania, she convinced me to meet him with a sentence like this: how if he is handsome? you will regret it forever. (Okay, this was a wrong way to convince someone so please don’t copy her method, HAHA). But it was indeed a successful method to convince me. And yeah, he turned out to be a very nice person. He brought me these:


there were grapefruits (he thought there were no grapefruits in Indonesia, which in fact, we have plenty of it at Bali!) and he bought me stinky tofu which I don’t like (sorry!)

Thus my fifth day ended up by me talking with my mom about that guy until midnight came haha XD

Day 5 (Guilin-Longsheng-Fenghuang)

After breakfast, we were transferred to Longsheng town (around 1.5 hours) to see the Dragonbackbone Rice Terrace and rode the cable car.


the rice terrace was below this but I didn’t take a picture of it because it wasn’t snowing so it wasn’t that good looking hahaha.

After visiting the rice terrace, we were transferred to Fenghuang old town. The view was so beautiful there since I arrived there when the nighttime came.



Day 6 (Fenghuang-Zhangjiajie)

From Fenghuang, we were transferred to Zhangjiajie town! Yep, the avatars and all the cool stuffs. But today I only visited one place because the trip took around 4 hours which made us arriving at Zhangjiajie in the afternoon.


Tujia Folk Custom Park

Day 7 (Zhangjiajie)

Today, we visited 2 places. Baofeng Lake and the New Glass Bridge. At Baofeng Lake we heard Amoi and Amei sang to each other while we were riding the boat. And if someone replied to that singing, he or she can have that Amoi or Amei to become his/her girlfriend/boyfriend. At the glass bridge, we couldn’t see anything because it was all foggy 😦


Before sailing the lake


around the lake


beautiful, isn’t it?


the glass bridge

Day 8 (Zhangjiajie)

Yass, this was the highlight of the tour. Avatar Mountain!! It was very a beautiful, amazing, fantastic scenery. But it was also foggy 😦 here are some pictures that I managed to take:





me embracing life

After that, we had dinner at local restaurant. But, in front of the restaurant, the scenery was truly breath-taking. I strolled around it and took some pictures.




Day 9 (Zhangjiajie-Shenzhen-HK-SUB)

Today was the last day of my trip! 😦 It was hard to say goodbye to China. China is such a cool country.  People in China are friendly. Once, I asked a lady about the directions to the nearest Starbucks, and she told me the directions even I didn’t really get it because she spoke too fast and it was really crowded at that time. And when I was at Zhangjiajie, I was guided by a female guide and she was so nice to me, I called her jie jie. Then, she invited me to her apartment which I gladly accepted. I was welcomed by his little brother and his little brother’s wife. I was offered a beer but I said no, I don’t drink. They were extremely nice, they were warm.

Then, since I’ve improved my chinese, it was nice buying and bargaining things with local people haha. I bought some stuffs and they gave me cheap price because I spoke chinese HAHA (the perks of leaning languages!) so, if you are hating chinese now, you might love it later, maybe in your next life! because i used to hate chinese so much but now i love it so much XD.



In front of Mellow Crystal  Hotel at Zhangjiajie before my departure 😦


apple juice that had Jay Chou’s face on it lol



Before took flight from Hongkong, I was transferred to Shenzhen first. So, Zhangjiajie – Shenzhen – Hongkong – Surabaya


Dawn at Zhangjiajie


I enjoyed the trip so much that I wish I could go to China again in the future. Despite of all the negative comments of China (dirty public toilets, crowded, etc), I still see China as something valuable that should be shown to the world. Good bye China, till we meet again.



I’m going to China!

Hello everyone!

How are you doing?? It’s been 6 months since i wrote my last post. I’ve been busy with life and forget to write some posts. And now I’m back with a good news! I’m going to China this fourteenth of December. Because finals are finally over and i can finally live the life that i want (school really sucks y’know). I will be going to Zhangjiajie town in Hunan Province. I’ll probably visit Guilin and the nearby towns. I’ll write many posts that I owe to you haha (including some book reviews, my traveling journey, and anyway section). Please wait for my further posts, I promise it will be worth it! 🙂

Happy holiday,


Your 3D2N Guide to Jogja!

Hello everyone! How are you? So, last time I posted on Instagram, I wrote that I was going to Jogjakarta and will be going back with a new blog post about my trip to Jogja. And here’s the post that you’ve been waiting for. Please, enjoy! 🙂

A little info about Jogja:

Jogja is small state that located in Indonesia and doesn’t belong to any province, because it has special status. Jogja is located near Center Java province. It is a heritage city, which means have some cultures and unique. Some people call Jogja as a city of collegers, because Jogja has so many good universities. The cost of life in Jogja is relatively cheap, and that’s why Jogja is a place worth-visiting in Indonesia.

And now, here’s my story…

We went to Jogja on Friday (April 8th 2016) night by train. Here’s a picture of the train ticket


It’s a business class and costed around US$20. We arrived within 5 hours (including some stops). We were picked up by a Hi-Ace car (We rented it, it was around $130 per day, enough for 15 people), and transferred to Athaya Homestay (only $10 per pax and per night, including light breakfast, but you have to book the whole house).

The next morning, we went to Goa Pindul (Pindul Cave) to see the stalagmite and stalactite. The ticket costed around $3.5 per pax (for locals). It was very beautiful, there were a lot of bats inside the cave. But, below the cave was a river, we needed to use a tire to keep us floating. So, remember, if you’re going to visit Pindul Cave, don’t forget to bring some extra clothes to change, unless you’d like getting wet along the way, haha.

After Pindul Cave, we went to Indrayanti beach. The scenery was astonishing, but it was very hot! Don’t forget to bring your sunblock! The sand was still clean and pure. Here are pictures of Indrayanti beach:



We were having fun there. We took a lot of pictures. And there was a camera-man who offered us to take our pictures and we paid them $1 per photo.  We even ordered a coconut too, to make us feel refreshed.


When the afternoon reached us, we decided to go look for a diner. Our decision fell into a local cuisine diner, called The House of Raminten. They served local food such as Nasi Gudeg (Gudeg Rice), Nasi Liwet (Liwet Rice), etc. And it wasn’t pricy. Every food costed around $1-$2, and $3 on top. But, you have to arrive early, even when the diner is still close (the diner opens at 5PM, Jogja time), because the night it gets, the merrier and crowded it will be, you will have to wait just even to grab a seat. Here are some pictures of the food we ordered:





this looks like a grass jelly hahaha


and here’s the dessert, roasted ice-cream.

After that, we went to Malioboro Street Night market. We strolled around it and found a lot of stuffs to buy. It was very cheap. If you want to bring some souvenirs for your people in your hometown, try to buy it here. Mostly, they sell Batik, but they sell other stuffs too that worth-buying. We strolled until we were tired and went back to the homestay using Becak.

The following day, we went to Warung Gudeg Bu Djuminten to have a Gudeg breakfast. It was delicious and cheap! Here’s the picture of the Gudeg:


My mom was cold, so she bought Tawa (something like Jahe/Ginger/angsle and ronde) at the front of the warung. Here’s the picture of Tawa:


After that we went to Tamansari, a place of Keraton (old Kingdom). The entrance fee costed no more than $1. I don’t have a lot pictures of it, but here’s a picture I took from the entrance door:


We explored the whole kingdom and were ushered by the guide ($2 for tip), but it was very hot. I produced a lot of sweat which was very embarrassing. We took many pictures, and there was this one time when I took a picture with a very beautiful stranger. To see the complete story of my journey with that beautiful stranger, please read it here.

And as for lunch, we stopped at Jejamuran. They served food with mushroom. Everything was made from Mushroom. So, if you don’t like mushroom, don’t go there. But the food was delightful though. Here are some pictures of Jejamuran:



After having lunch, we went to a local souvenir shop to buy more souvenirs! haha. Our train was scheduled on 4:30PM so we rushed to go to the train station after buying some souvenirs. Our journey ended here.

Thank you for reading! I hope this post will help you to arrange an itinerary when you visit Jogja someday. Please comment if you have any question regarding to Jogja. Once again, thanks! 🙂