How to React in the Middle of Conflicts in Indonesia (as a student)

This post is made because all of thoughts that have been swirling up in my mind but I do not know how to express it in public-because I don’t think people around me will be interested to share these topics with me. So, when you read this post, I hope you as the public that I aimed from the start will bear with my writing and process it thoroughly with patience and better comprehension. Happy reading.

I was scrolling the LINE’s timeline when I saw a video liked by a friend, and it showed a video of a local host of a national channel talking with one of the special council’s member of Indonesia. What they were talking was about the corruption case that is being investigated by the corruption commission. The accused of this case, well, as you know, has been declining to attend the trial because he was sick-when in fact, after the new trial’s result came out that he is no longer treated as a suspect, he came out from the hospital quickly;as the day after the new trial. This is judged by most citizens; especially netizens as something ridiculous and unbelievable. Therefore, this trial’s result has affected the people’s opinions towards the government and start to compare this governor with the ‘other’ governor who also got arrested because of the blasphemy case (read: Ahok’s Blasphemy Case ) Thus, by this post, some enlightenments will be reached to your mind; especially Indonesia’s citizens, whom I believe demand their rights to participate into the politics field.

We feel like we can do nothing about the things that I mentioned above, while I believe that we could do something although it is not big enough to affect the whole country, especially the governor’s power. We think that they are superpower human beings that our thoughts will not be heard by them. But, we are wrong. In fact, small things that we do everyday can affect the outcomes. Some people put this thing into action by writing an open letter to the President through the local newspaper, do some demonstrations,  and post their thoughts on social media’s timeline. However, what I see these days is, people mock others because of their race, religion, etc which is the opposite of our ideology, Pancasila. Moreover, they also over-criticize the government’s actions on social media but they do not do something about it, by which means, they just rant about the ugliness of the government without taking a good look of themselves on the mirror of personality. This makes my heart sank; on how the freedom of thoughts and the advanced technology make us, people, this way. Then, what we should do?

First, I would to tell you how to be an agent change of this country. It’s easy. You just have to think that you are the next generation of this country; which is indeed true. By this, you will gain some acknowledgements on how you should react to make this country better in the future. You can do small actions such as, not cheating when exams, participating in the next governor election if you already have an identity card. Believe me, these small actions will impact our country- even it is in the future. Perhaps, you cannot make this country better now because you haven’t been accoutred with appropriate skill to intervene, but believe me, someday you will.

Second, we need to re-unite, as a one nation. As I mentioned before, the phenomenon that made my heart sank, it is all because we are not actually ‘united’ in this country. We think we are united because we have that word on our complete country;s name (read: NKRI), while actually we are not really implemented that word into our daily lives. Therefore, we should realize that if we really unite as a one nation, we will have the power to change for the better of our country. These problems, corruption, etc, are still happening because there are people who still agree with those actions. Hence, we could alter this condition if we could learn how to be united despite all of the differences we have.

By this, I just want to wake up the minds of the sleeping next generations. I realize, that I am also the next generation and that is the reason why I think I have to spread these words despite the risks that are awaiting me next. Thank you for reading and I really wish you to change for the better.



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