Hello people,

I just started a blog and this is my first post (yay! I’m so excited!). As you know, this is a bookish blog, but I have side-hobbies beside reading. One of them is traveling! So, I decided not only to dedicate this blog for books, but of course, I will let you to catch a glimpse of my traveling journeys. Due to that reason, I split this blog into sections.

  • Books’ reviews: Well, the name says it all. I will post a review of books that I’ve read (esp my preferred genres), and it doesn’t always a new release book, it could be an old book. You can request me for a book review too, just email me, you can find my email on Contact
  • Anyway…: It’s all about everything that pops on my mind, whatever, and whenever. So, it’s kinda like my open diary, if you are interested to read though, haha.
  • Strolling: A glance of my travelling stories! I don’t travel regularly (because school sucks), but I will try to update it once within 6 months. I often travel within my country first, then go abroad. I hope you have enough patience to wait for my journey, as I’m patient of waiting my holidays too.

I think, that’s all you need to know about my blog. Please, enjoy, and hope you have a good day! 🙂

Your friend,



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